Contains some of the FAQs regarding Africa's Talking voice product

How can I use your voice API to send one-time passwords(OTP) for my application?
Voice pricing | Nigeria
What is the difference between a callback URL and an events URL?
Voice Pricing | Kenya
Can you mask calls to appear to be coming from another number?
What do I need to set up a SIP trunk connection?
How do I block incoming calls to my number?
How to build and Interactive Voice Response service.
Virtualized Numbers
Premium Voice Revenue Share
When using the Voice API to record calls, what is the maximum duration that the recordings will stay on the dashboard, and is there a limit on the size of the recordings?
Dealing with no user response in get_digits action.
How do I make outbound calls from my SIP phone(or any IP phone)?
How do I receive calls on my SIP phone(or any IP phone)
How can ensure that the POST request to my callback URL is coming from Africa’s Talking and not some other place?
Understanding parameters used in a call
What is a Virtual Number?
What are the parameters for Hang up Cause
What is the difference between NO_ANSWER and NO_USER_RESPONSE
What audio formats are supported by <record>
Best practices for Robocalls/Call Blasting
What is a robocall/call blasting
Implementing an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
What you need to build a Call-Center
What types of voice phone numbers are available ?
How does voice billing work?
How many concurrent calls can I make per second?
What is an events URL?
How do I change my Caller ID?
How do I set up my SIP phone?
How do I make an outbound call from my Soft Phone?
Why does it take a while for my media file to play?
What does hangupCause parameter mean?
Why are my calls getting Aborted ?
Why can't I see a call on my AT dashboard ?