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Where are my incoming messages ?
Where are my incoming messages ?

How to view your incoming messages on the AT dashboard, or by adding a callback URL

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Subscription Messages

The incoming messages sent are considered to be subscription events and not incoming messages hence we do not receive them from the telco. The Telco, Safaricom, disregards anything sent after the keyword. 

OnDemand Messages

The message and other parameters highlighted here  are sent to your application through a Callback Url. You can add a callback Url as shown below:  

  • You can follow this tutorial on how to configure your callback Url:

  • These messages can also be viewed on your dashboard.

If you can see these messages on your dashboard but you are unable to receive them on your application there is most likely an issue with your callback Url. This is because we are unable to reach your callback Url.  

 Please note that we keep trying to hit your callback Url (every minute) until we get Status 200 OK, or 12 hours expire. 

You may read up on the various Status codes we might be receiving from the Callback Url here. Please also check your server access logs.

If you are sure all is well, please contact us at

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