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Why are my calls getting Aborted ?
Why are my calls getting Aborted ?

Reasons for call failure, callback Url errors

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Here are a few reasons the call may not go through.

  1. Errors from the callback URL: This is when we try hitting your callback Url but we get an unexpected response. You can check this on your dashboard.     

Below are some possible errors and how to fix them:

  • Error 404(Not Found): This means the callback Url file was not found. In this case, ensure that the path provided is correct or that the Url is exposed online. 

  • Error 403(Forbidden): This means we reached the callback Url but we could not access it. To fix this check the permissions of the file.

  • Error 500(Internal Server Error): This implies there's something wrong with the code. This could be anything from a Syntax error to a runtime error. In this case, try to debug the code. Perhaps it's just a missing semicolon ;) 

Insufficient Balance: A virtual number works just like a regular phone number so if you do not have credit in your AT Stash the call will not be completed. To fix this just top up your account.

3. Wrong XML:
This happens when we are able to reach your callback but there's something wrong with the XML Response. This could be anything from a missing closing tag (</>) to a space at the beginning of the XML Response. To resolve this ensure you followed the documentation on our website for the various actions.

4. Invalid phone number: This happens when you are trying to perform a <Dial /> action but the number provided is invalid i.e doesn't have all the digits. This can also happen if you do not have the +(country Code) prefix. Remember the plus sign. 

If none of the above reasons have resolved your issue send us an email at and we will help you out. :) 

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