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How Can You Leverage Our Airtime Solution?
How Can You Leverage Our Airtime Solution?

Integrate to our seamless and secure Airtime API & send Airtime in bulk to mobile subscribers.

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Why Airtime? 

  • Do you manually distribute Airtime in bulk to your users? 

  • Are you having trouble reconciling the amount spent on Airtime purchase?  

  • Do you want a discount for every Airtime transaction made?

  • Would you be interested in receiving real-time delivery reports for Airtime transactions?  

Seamless Integration

Well, guess what? With our secure and easy-to-use Airtime API, we assure you of a seamless integration with ZERO integration costs! Our solution will also guarantee you a service with at least 99.5% Uptime! 

So, How Can We Help You?

Alright, so you now have a general understanding of what our product can do, but how exactly can it add value to your users? Let's just say we have three main use cases for you: Micropayment solutions, Resellers and Resellers.

Micropayment Solutions

Are you having trouble making micro-payments to a large group of people in emerging markets? 

With our Airtime Solution, you can now seamlessly/securely disburse virtual airtime in bulk to staff/customers without hassle. 


How about if you're looking to reward your customers/staff but you're lacking the proper solution? 

Our solution will enable your organisation to incentivise users looking to take part in an activities like;

  • Driving up survey response rates

  • Running mass-market advertising campaigns

  • And promoting content 

And what if you're looking to build an Airtime solution where you can easily scale businesses that distribute airtime to the masses? 

Our Airtime service will enable you to not only do that, but also offer you a pricing structure geared towards resellers, with discounts earned for all airtime distributed.

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