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Best practices for Robocalls/Call Blasting
Best practices for Robocalls/Call Blasting

Best practices that will increase your success rate with robocalls/call blasting

Written by Racheal Wambua
Updated over a week ago

Robocalls/Call blasting is an effective way of reaching a lot of people at once with a call. 

Because we always want to reach more people to increase our success margins, there is a tendency to use dubious ways to reach these people.

Here are some ways you can use to make sure that your calls reach the intended audience hence increasing your pick-up rate

1.Do not spam people.

Here’s how you can avoid spamming people:

  • Only reach out to people who willingly gave you their numbers.

  • Space out your calls to avoid information fatigue to your callers.

  • Segment your audience depending on what information would be pertinent to them.

2. Identify yourself to your callers

This can be done on the caller ID if possible or on the message as you begin the call.

3. Have an opt-out feature

This will enable your callers to opt-out to being called. It can be because they stopped being a customer, they got tired of being called, moved to a different place. There are lots of reasons. So it would be advisable to give them this option. They can opt-back in in the future.

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