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What is a robocall/call blasting
What is a robocall/call blasting

How to get started with robocalls/call blasting

Written by Racheal Wambua
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A robocall or a call blast is an automated call that delivers pre-recorded messages. It can be used for marketing, delivering notifications, delivering information e.g during an emergency, etc.

How does it work

Using the <say/> action, you can set a message that will be played to the person on the other end of the call.

    <Say voice="woman" playBeep="false" >We have a 20% discount on selected items on 25th April 2019</Say>

In this case, the person on the call will get the message “We have a 20% discount on selected items on 25th April.”

What do you need from Africa’s Talking?

  1. An Africa’s Talking Account

Create an account and create an app that will be interacting with the API.

2. A virtual number

A virtual number is a phone number that is not connected to any telephone line and is used to route calls to other numbers. 

PS: We can virtualize a normal existing number as long as it is tied to the company and is not used as a personal number.

To request a number from us, go to your app dashboard and under Voice->Request pick regular number as below:

3. A call back URL

A callback URL is where we POST about what is happening with the calls and get instructions on how to handle the call. In this case, we will use the call back to get the message you set, so that we are able to play it. Here is how to configure a callback URL.

If you have any questions, reach out to the voice team at

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