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What you need to build a Call-Center
What you need to build a Call-Center

Getting started on voice: what you need to build a call center

Written by Racheal Wambua
Updated over a week ago

How it works
The voice API has all the components one needs to build a cloud-based, cost-effective and scalable call-center. 

With no need to procure specialized machinery, you can get a call-center without worrying about the total cost of ownership and maintenance costs that comes with such machinery.

The routing of the calls will be done by an app that you build, which can have all manner of sophisticated capabilities such as recording calls and collecting data for analysis. 

What you’ll need:

  • An Africa's Talking developer account.

 Go ahead and create an account, if you haven’t.

  • A Virtual-number.

Once you have an account, access your dashboard and request for a virtual-number. This will be the number that people call.

  • Optionally, several SIP numbers.

If you plan for your operators to receive calls on SIP phones, request for as many SIP numbers as the number of operators you have.

Since this is a REST API, all your app has to do is to process POST requests and respond with a blob of XML. See the API spec to get a sense of what the API is like.

When someone calls your virtual-number, the API sends a POST request to your callback with a number of parameters, such as the caller’s phone number and a session-id. For a dead-simple callback, all you have to do is respond with a Dial action with the number of one of the operators, for example:

<Dial phoneNumbers=""/>
  • An app or a software developer to build that app that will consume the API. If you would like help in sourcing for a software developer, reach out to us at

If you have any questions, reach out to the voice team at

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