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How to top up your Stash using a credit or debit card.
How to top up your Stash using a credit or debit card.

This is a step by step tutorial on how to use card payments to top up your Africa's Talking Stash.

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Step 1: Sign into your app and navigate to the billing section: 

Step 2: Select Debit/Credit Cards and enter the currency you wish to pay in and the amount you wish to top up to your stash. 

You can select a currency between 

  • USD

  • KES

  • EUR

Don't worry about the currency supported by your credit card. We will convert the amount when topping up.
Here's a little more information on how the conversion process works: 

The conversion happens in two stages: 

  • From your card currency to the payment currency selected in the billing page(i.e KES/USD/EUR): This is done by your respective bank

  • From Your payment currency to the currency of your app which is done by Africa’s Talking.

There is also a transaction charge of 3%  which is deducted from your card 

Below are a few scenarios for how this might work. 


  1. Lets assume you selected to pay 1000 KES, your app is in KES and your card is also in KES. In this case there will be no conversion. So we will deduct 1000 KES + transaction charge from your card and top up your app with 1000 KES.

  2. Assume you have selected to pay 10 USD, your app is in NGN and your card is in NGN. For this case there are two conversions. NGN from your card to USD for the transaction and back to NGN to be topped up. At the end of the transaction your app will be topped up with the equivalent of 10USD in NGN but the amount deducted from your card may be higher/lower than that depending on the exchange rate. 

Step 3: Fill in Card details.

Step 4: Hit submit and we do the rest. 

Things to note: 

  • You are allowed only one transaction every 30 minutes. 

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