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Can I do Mobile Checkout from my Till Number ?
Can I do Mobile Checkout from my Till Number ?
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You can do Mobile Checkout from your till number.
But for that to happen, you will need to activate Mobile Checkout on your till number through your Head Office

Activate mobile checkout on your till (through your head office number ) by 

  1. Fill the LNM form - use your head office number details (ensure you fill the form electronically, don't handwrite it) 

  2. Email it to API Support <>

  3. Go to Safaricom developer portal (aka Daraja) and, log in

  4. If you do not have an account on Daraja, create one. You will be required to create a new account with a different set of credentials separate from those of the Mpesa portal.

  5. Once you manage to log in to Daraja, get Consumer and Secret keys through the Go Live Process ( and not from My Apps). Go Live using your Head Office. 

NB: In the Go Live process, download the test cases and upload them back as empty

There is a guide on how to do that from Get Started, you can as well use Safaricom Live Chat for assistance or email:

Once your live app is approved, you will get some live credentials in the combination of an app name, a consumer key and secret key which you will share with us, sample credentials are :
App name: Prod-said-food-service-182311445                  
Consumer key: APACXgIjeAyH0DcnFsKdxyA5tjPPTTIF
Secret key: PjujseRPvbZGXsTwm

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