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How do I move money from one wallet to another ?
How do I move money from one wallet to another ?

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Our API allows you to move money across wallets. 

Say you have a C2B and B2C paybills mapped to different products in different apps but you would like your C2B wallet to fund your B2C wallet. 

While hosting your paybills with us, this is achievable, but you will not be moving money directly to the paybills, you will use the products and the wallets to do that. Let us see an example.

Say  I have two payment products in two different apps 

Product barke_test mapped to app barkesaid  
Product barke_test1 mapped to app randomtest

Assuming that barke_test is mapped to C2B paybill, and barke_test1 is mapped to B2C paybill and I want to move money from barke_test to barke_test1 ; to do that I have to do a wallet transfer, learn more about it here 

A sample wallet transfer request will look like this: 

On initiating the request, I get the response.

And my wallet has been topped up 

And I can see the transaction as well.

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