To activate your mobile checkout, 

  1. Fill the LNM form  (ensure you fill the form electronically, don't handwrite it) 
  2. Email it to :
  3. Go to Safaricom developer portal (aka Daraja) and,
  4. Get Consumer and Secret keys through the Go Live Process ( and not  from My Apps). There is a guide on how to do that from Get Started, you can as well use Safaricom Live Chat for assistance or email: for any queries.

NB: In the Go Live process, download the test cases and upload them back as empty

Once your live app is approved, you will get an app name, a consumer key and secret key.  Example:

App name: Prod-said-food-service-182311445                  
Consumer key: APACXgIjeAyH0DcnFsKdxyA5tjPPTTIF
Secret key: PjujseRPvbZGXsTwm

That is what you will share with us

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