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How do I get a Sender Id in Nigeria ?
How do I get a Sender Id in Nigeria ?

Nigeria based information on getting a Sender ID including requirements, time it takes to set up etc

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A Sender ID is required when you would like to send branded messages.

In Nigeria,Sender IDs are raised for free .

There are no extra charges while sending SMS,(normal charges for SMSes apply, have a look at our Pricing)

All that is required to acquire a Sender Id is:

  • contact persons form (to be attached) 

  • a form of identification( Driver's license ,National id card or International passport).

  • And the proposed Sender Id that will be mapped to your AT account(please note that the ID should be within 11 character limit.)

Send the above documents to

Raising the SenderId takes 1 working day to set up. 

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