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How do I top up my mobile data wallet ?
How do I top up my mobile data wallet ?

This is a guide on topping up one's payment wallet balance from Mpesa using their phone.

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There are two ways to top up your payment wallet : through mobile money (Mpesa) and bank transfer 

Mobile Money

  1. Go to Mpesa 

  2. Select Lipa Na Mpesa 

  3. Paybill  : Enter 525900  which is the Africa's Talking Business Number 

  4. Account number : enter your product code with the prefix wallet.  e.g wallet1243

  5. Confirm the payment through your Mpesa pin

Make sure it's the Product Code for the payment product that you wish to top up.


 In this case, the account  number will be wallet1243
NB: Wallet and the product code are one word. (There is no spacing between them)

Bank Transfer 

You can do an EFT or RTGS to our bank account :-
Account Number: 7939060036
Account Name: Africastalking K ltd
Bank Name: NCBA
Bank Branch: Yaya Centre
Bank code:  07
Branch Code: 030

Once you have initiated the transfer share with us the SWIFT advice through and  and we will process the top on your wallet as soon as the money has reflected on our account

Need more info ? Email us at

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