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Does Africa's Talking support sending of SMS to DND numbers in Nigeria ?
Does Africa's Talking support sending of SMS to DND numbers in Nigeria ?

Sending SMS, Do not Disturb (DND), Nigeria

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Our SMS API allows you to send messages to all four networks in Nigeria.

We are able to deliver messages to DND numbers on the four major telcos in Nigeria.

To do this, you will need to move your sender ID from the promotional/regular bind to the corporate bind on MTN and Transactional bind on the other telcos (i.e Airtel, 9mobile and Glo).


The corporate and transactional bind are for solicited and transactional messages.

In order to send messages successfully through the Corporate Bind, your Sender ID will have to be approved for whitelisting by the NCC. Once NCC approves the sender ID, the telcos will then whitelist the sender ID on their end. We do not have a timeline for approval, as the timeline is solely dependent on the NCC.

NCC's approval for sender IDs is only for licensed financial service companies. In this

case, the licensing body is the CBN.

For sender IDs that do not fall into this category, they are required to inform their clients to opt-out of the DND to be able to receive messages.

Below are the KYC requirements:

  1. A Nigeria Company Certificate of Incorporation

  2. Valid Form Of ID (Int'l Passport, Driver's License, National ID).

  3. Contact Person Form.

  4. A signed letter of request. A sample of the messages you'll be sending should be included in the letter. This letter should describe the nature of the business, the messages being sent and also stating they are solicited for and are transactional. It should be written on the official letterhead and signed by a C-level Executive.

  5. Copy of CBN license.

Send the above documents to and we will help you get a senderID.

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