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How do I get a payments product?
How do I get a payments product?

An outline of what you need to get a payments product on Africa's Talking. This is specifically for a person looking to leverage Mpesa.

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To begin using our API for B2C,B2B, C2B or Mpesa Checkout

You will need to apply for a dedicated paybill from Safaricom.

For us to host your paybill you will need to share your API username and password. Learn how to do that from here

However, before host your paybill, you will have to go through our KYC process as well as submit your hosting form

All these, should be sent to

Once this process is successful, we will host your paybill and within 2 days you will be issued with a live payment product.

If you'd like to test integrating the Africa's Talking payments API as you wait for your paybill, you may do so on our Sandbox. Here's an article on what the sandbox is and how to get started on the same

Have further questions, please email us:

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