After running your airtime sending script you receive a response similar to :

 {'errorMessage': 'None', 'numSent': 1, 'totalAmount': 'KES 5.0000', 'totalDiscount': 'KES 0.2000', 'responses': [{'phoneNumber': '+254705336634', 'errorMessage': 'None', 'amount': 'KES 5.0000', 'status': 'Sent', 'requestId': 'ATQid_eedc841e97cec3710e40451434fdbcef', 'discount': 'KES 0.2000'}]}

You may also view the status of your transactions on the dashboard :

 Alternatively : 

You can get a notification sent to your application through your callback Url. 

  • Add a callback Url as shown : 

We have an article on how to configure the callback Url :
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