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How do I change my Caller ID?
How do I change my Caller ID?

Using a caller ID when making outbound calls.

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A caller ID is what the person on the receiving end of a call sees displayed on their phone before they pick up. Currently, we can only show phone numbers to the end user.

When making an outbound call with your virtual number e.g 0711082123 the number 0711082123 itself is what shows up as the caller number on the other end as your caller ID

However, this is not the case for SIP numbers e.g For SIP numbers the default number 0711082999 shows up as the caller Id on the other end. If you want your own virtual number to show up as the caller Id, do the following:

  • add the  caller Id parameter in your code. Code Sample below:

<Dial phoneNumbers="+254711XXXYYY" callerId="0711082123" record="true" sequential="true"/>

You may have a look at other parameters for the <Dial/> action here. 

Or send an email to if you have more questions or feedback.

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