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How much is a dedicated USSD code?
How much is a dedicated USSD code?

Dedicated USSD code pricing

Written by Pauline Ndegwa
Updated over a week ago

Currently dedicated USSD codes are available in Kenya and Uganda.


The prices are VAT inclusive 16% 

Setup on Safaricom

Test Bed - valid for 1 month - setup takes 5 days after payment is made  KES  17,400.00 

Set Up of the code takes 3 to 4 weeks                           KES 145,000.00

Monthly Maintenance                                                        KES 58,000.00

Setup on Airtel

Setup of the code takes 2 weeks                                      KES 116,000

Monthly Maintenance                                                          KES 46,400

Setup on Orange

Setup of the code                                                                KES 58,000

Monthly maintenance                                                          KES 116,000   


The prices are VAT inclusive 18%

Payment made to UCC directly

UCC Application                                                                 USD 295

UCC Annual Fee                                                                 USD 1180

Setup to Networks payment made to Africa's Talking 

MTN                                                                                   No setup fee

Africell                                                                                USD 500     

Monthly Maintenance fee

MTN                                                                                    UGX 2,500,000

Africell                                                                                No fee


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