• Inbound Calls:

When a person dials your virtual number, they are charged normal call rates for calling unless you have a toll-free number.
Once the call goes through your AT stash(AT api account balance) is also charged 1/- per minute. Essentially, for inbound calls, both the caller and the callee(you) are charged.

  • Outbound Calls: 

When you are dialing a client's number. They are not charged. The only billing done is to your AT stash. 

  • SIP Calls:

SIP calls are 1/- per minute for SIP to SIP, i.e liz@ke.sip.africastalking.com calling kathure@ug.sip.africastalking.com. Calls to regular numbers and virtual numbers are still charged 5/- per minute.

  • Side note: if your XML includes a <Dial/> action the number being dialed is not charged. However, you are charged 1/- for calls to a SIP number and 5/- for calls to regular numbers , which brings it to a total of 6/-.

Our Pricing across different countries can be found here:

Voice Website.

For any more clarifications send an email to info@africastalking.com or support@africastalking.com

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