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Why can't I see a call on my AT dashboard ?
Why can't I see a call on my AT dashboard ?

Describe reasons why a call would be invisible on the dashboard

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This mainly occurs with outbound calls.(i.e when you are calling a user from your virtual number).

In this case, you initiate the call. You get the call 'Queued' response e.g :

Queued +254705123456 ATVId_897e123d38eda70fd6639db39ccdcd73

But you the call doesn't get completed and you can't see the log on your application dashboard.
Here are a few reasons this may happen. 

  1. The call was rejected by the recipient.

  2. You do not have sufficient credit in your AT stash.

  3. There's a connectivity issue is which case please reach us on and we'll look into it. 

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