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How do I add a member to my team?

Adding team mebers, Managing team members, Removing Team members.

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There are 4 types of members :

  • Owner: This is the user who owns the account and has created the application. This user has the ability to modify all values.

  • Admin: This user has all the same rights as the owner, but the distinction is that they do not own the application.

  • Write: This user is allowed to change values of the application other than the API key and balance notification settings

  • Read: This user is not allowed to change values of the application

To add a new member, go to the Team e.g Team Kenya 

Then click on   Add Member   button

On the pop up that appears enter the person’s email and select the type of member you want them to be and click save. 

The person will get an email letting them know that they’ve been added to your team. 

NOTE : It is possible to add a member who does not have an Africa's Talking account. They will be prompted to create an account at some point though.

Revoking a member’s access

To remove a members access to a team or app, click on the three dots next to their email and change either the type of member they are or remove them from the team completely. 

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