How do I create an application?

Guide on creating new apps, disabling apps.

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  • Step 1 : Select the team you want your app to be in.

  • Step 2: On the page that appears click on the  Create App  button. 

  • Step 3: On the pop up that appears enter your application name, username and select a country

  • The app username is what you will use for authentication.

  • The country selected determines the currency shown on your app.

Then click Save:

Congratulations !!! You have created a new application. 

  • If you click on the app name, you will see the application dashboard with analytics and your balance in the respective currency. 

You cannot delete an App completely, you can only disable it

To disable an app: 

Click on the three dots on the actions part of the APPS table : 

Once you have an app you should be able to test any of our products.Here are some articles to help you get started 

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