Our Payments API (Mpesa) allows you to consume all features of the Mpesa G2 (Generation 2) API.

The features we have are:

  1. STK Push

Merchants can request payments from customers by launching an STK Push on the customer's phone. STK Push is a prefilled MPESA Menu where the customer only inputs their PIN. Once a payment is completed or canceled, we send a notification to the callback you have set. Subscribers whose sim cards cannot access STK Push can upgrade by dialing *234*1*6#

STK push requires the paybill owner to request a special password from Safaricom by filling AT-STK-Push-Form (this can be emailed to you by

2. Mobile C2B

We send notifications to the callback you've set once a payment has been made to your paybill using the normal Sim Tool Kit. However, you have to host your paybill with us.please find the attached form that will guide you in the process.
3. Mobile B2C

You can disburse money to Mobile subscribers using the B2C API.

NB: A C2B paybill can perform B2B but not B2C. To perform B2C, you need to request for a Bulk Payment paybill from Safaricom.


To log in to the Mpesa portal please use the Tills Head Office Number given by Safaricom at the time of application of the till Number.


Setup: FREE

Here's an article on how to get your Paybill. 

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